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    SDS100: SDS100 charge light blinks red w/ new larger battery (again)

    As posted in the prior thread (that was closed) I am also experiencing the red charge light begins to blink after hours into charging with the new larger battery. I've only recharged a couple of times overnight after fairly deep discharges. Have found the flashing red charge light the next...
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    PPL in Lincoln County Area

    Does anyone have the frequency for Pacific Power and Light in the Lincoln County area? yesterday we had a logging truck run into a power lines nearby here in Otis and we lost power, luckily it lasted an hour, could have been worse. I checked the two frequencies I had from before we moved into...
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    Pro-106 Tune LED always active

    The tune LED light always comes on even when set to off on the settings menu. I have set the light to come on when tuned into certain frequencies, however even when I turn it to off on the menu it still comes on. Can anyone help me stop it from coming on?
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    Greeneville Light & Power Systems

    Under "Greeneville, City of" the list shows "Light&Power" as 153.665 Greene County, Tennessee (TN) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference This is incorrect! The frequency should be 153.650 When you click on "Utilities" Utilities Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference...