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  1. H

    Links keep changing

    Has anyone else noticed that the links to online scanner feeds have been changing A LOT lately? I keep a few bookmarks on my toolbar as well as a few playlist files on my desktop to quick launch a feed in a media player. My co-worker and I have been doing it for *years* without issue. Seems...
  2. F

    RF Links?

    Hi All, I'm relatively new to scanner land and was noticing on a lot of the RadioReference frequency listings for my area that the fire departments each have their VHF frequency, but then there is also a UHF frequency labeled as RF Link or Link. I am not able to receive many of the farther out...
  3. K

    2 meter repeater linked system

    Due to health reasons, I've been out of the loop for awhile on the status of the linked repeater systems for central Iowa. Used to be that 147.075 was the flagship for an RF type system that went border to border, north / south. Upon reviewing the SKYWARN page on the NWS Des Moines site, I...
  4. 902

    Comments in 4.9 GHz proceeding could have 700 MHz impact

    Washington, D.C. Yesterday, the FCC voted to initiate a proceeding to reconsider the use of the 4.9 GHz band dedicated solely to public safety a decade ago. Part of the proceeding will be to examine whether the band can be used better by allowing non-public-safety entities access to the 50 MHz...
  5. theshadowman

    Feed Problem

    I have two issues regarding my scanner feed. 1 - As I have posted previously, the scanner just disconnects without any indication given on my host computer. I get an email (thankfully) stating that I am 'offline' and then I have to go restart the software. 2 - Is there any way to permanently...
  6. I

    Anyone know this site: HAM_RIGS?

    I just came across the site: http://ham_rigs.byethost7.com/ Seems decent enough. It's a wiki, so anyone can contribute, I've added my Yaesu FRG-7700 to give it a try: http://ham_rigs.byethost7.com/doku.php/manufacturers:yaesu:frg-7700. Lots of other rigs are already on the site, although many in...