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  1. S

    154.86MHz UtahCo SherN Sheriff North (linked to UCAN 46112) FM

    About a week ago, the 154.86MHz North Utah County Sheriff Law frequency, linked to UCAN went quiet. Does anyone have any additional information on this? I'm guessing it's gone quiet for good, not just down for repairs as it's almost been a week now. Several other linked frequencies appear to...
  2. B

    Budget Linked Repeater Network

    What design can enable me to get 2 repeaters to talk to each other when the repeaters have identical Tx and Rx? Requirements: All radios on this system use the same Tx and Rx All repeaters on this system must communicate with these radios This would be a repeater...
  3. DanRollman

    Augusta National Golf Club - MotoTRBO

    While attending the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club today, I noticed staff were using new XPR7550 MotoTRBO radios, rather than the LTR radios I've seen in years past. Upon further research tonight, it looks like last month Augusta National obtained a license for a new...