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  1. kf6olc

    SDS100: What am I doing wrong? I want to create favorite list for future travels

    I want to create a special list/profiles for future travels. This is what I've done so far. " 1.In upper left hand corner of Sentinel labeled "File" I clicked the"new" section. 2. The "Enter profile name" box pops up. I enter the name for the profile. 3. I notice that in the "Database" tree...
  2. Eastie

    Scanning HAM freqs.

    Hello all, I would like to scan as many HAM frequencies as possible. Are HAM freqs the same all over the US? (I'm not talking about call signs, just a range of freqs) Does anyone have a list or point me in the direction of a list of each individual frequency? I don't see any list in RR...
  3. T

    APX7000 Won't Scan!

    Hi, Just finished programming my APX7000 radio. Setup 5 zones, and 2 scan lists. I programmed my top orange button to scan, however when I push it, it just beeps like an programmed key and does nothing. Also, if I try to add the scan menu items, it wont show up after writing to the radio. I...
  4. 2

    SkyWarn Ham Repeaters DB TN District 7?

    I hope I'm in the right forum for this. If not kindly point me to the correct forum. Is this list up to date? (I went to http://www.wx4tn.org/ but it didn't give me any freq/repeater lists) Severe Weather Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference District 7 - Upper East Tennessee...
  5. M

    Just bought one...

    hey everyone, i just purchased what i believe to be an HT1250 on e-bay. i keep hearing conflicting reports on what model number designates what. so i will post my model number here... i am sure one of you know exactly what it is. It is in a yellow case with a dtmf keypad as well...
  6. G

    pro-106...loading v-folders

    Ok...I'm going to make this very, very simple. Would it be possible to load five or even ten or more ..up to 21 folders as this is what the 106 boast to save ! ... Saved v-folders into that many scan list? scan list 1-21 ! I would like to scan serveral saved v- folders at the same...