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    monitoring with out a reciever!

    Greetings, I have found a site called websdr.com where you can SWL without a radio, Its streamed over the web, I use this frequently due to the fact that I am a renter and my landlord is not exactly warm to the idea of me putting up an antenna or three.luckily I can get away with a 2 meter...
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    BCD536 Remote listening

    Remote listening This might be a dumb question but everything I have read talks about the ability to listen remotely to your scanner using a smart phone or tablet. So I am wondering if I will be able to access my scanner from my work computer (desktop) without having to install any software on...
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    Scanner Feeding news to Facebook - Coles County, Illinois

    MATTOON — Miles Trueblood and Chris Hanken have turned their hobby of listening the Coles County scanner feed into a community Facebook page with thousands of followers. Twenty-year-old Trueblood, a volunteer with the Lincoln Fire Protection District and Coles County EMA, runs the scanner feed...