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little rock

  1. B

    Little Rock Update

    Does anyone have any info on the status of the Little Rock area upgrade to digital? How much longer maybe?
  2. aspclay

    All Pulaski County Agencies switching to AWIN

    The following is from the AWIN Quarterly Newsletter-January 2012 Proposals Approved to Add Little Rock , Jacksonville Systems..... The end of 2011 marked the beginning of some big changes for the Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN) as the city of Fayetteville became a full time...
  3. B

    Unknown Little Rock Talk Group

    While listening over the past few months I have been picking up an unknown talk group ID (528). I know its the police because of what is being said but just can not figure out what the talk group is for. Anyone have an idea?
  4. B

    Little Rock P25

    Does anyone know if Little Rock will be upgrading to a digital system and if so when.
  5. B

    Little Rock Police

    does anyone know when or if little rock system will switch to digital from analog.
  6. W

    Derecho impacts the Mid South June 12

    A bow echo evolved into a long lived derecho, which tracked southeast across parts of Eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas, into Southwestern Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and North Central Alabama, Friday afternoon and evening. Full details: Derecho impacts Northern Mississippi and the Mid South