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  1. F

    SDR Console V3 Trouble

    Good wet morning folks. I was playing with SDR console this morning trying to tweak some settings and I goofed up somewhere. Now the only thing that works is that I can see the spectrum but can't change frequency and none of my twirl down controls work. Its like I lost control. I have...
  2. U

    Yaesu: Yeasu FT-60R Repair

    Hi All, I've attempted to find a similar problem through various Google searches but am always open to links if someone thinks this is already answered... I believe I discovered a similar problem in one other discussion but not sure it was ever answered. I have an FT-60R that has functioned...
  3. B

    Pro-2055 All Channels Locked Out - Please Help!!

    I programmed a scanner for a friend a few months ago with Win97. Worked great. I've probably programmed half a dozen Pro-97/2055 scanners over the last few years for myself or others. But something happened to his scanner this week. It suddenly just reset. Now, when you hit "Scan", it gives...
  4. BLAH

    BCD396XT Keypad Locked !

    Hello all, I am having a problem with my BCD396XT. I bought it new from Scanner Master in July of 2009, (dam the warranty is up!) I have never had a problem until now. The keypad will not function, its like the keypad lock is on (eg: only the power key works) all the time, however I have turned...