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  1. iceman382

    BCD996P2: Hold on System...Lockout The Rest

    Is there a way to hold on particular system and scan the whole system, while locking out the rest of the programmed systems? I'm not talking about just pressing the hold/resume key which would only hold on a single frequency or talk group ID. I'm referring to locking out all systems and just...
  2. S

    BCD325P2: New user with programming question.

    I recently purchased a BCD325P2 to listen to San Diego County - Imperial County RCS which is a Motorola Type II SmartZone system. I used Freescan to upload the TG's that I want to listen to but I am still hearing all the TG's that I DON'T want to listen to. In Freescan, I locked out the TG's...
  3. I

    XPR RADIO "locks out" and does not transmit

    Good Afternoon, please can anyone help,one of my XPR5550 heavy use channels on my linked capacity plus system stops transmitting after a while( as i can monitor this on turbo watch), i know the radio is good because all my other channels work fine, and code plug is good because that works fine...
  4. R

    PSR-800 lockout Radio IDs so they can't be heard on a scanlist

    I have setup a TRS with a bunch of radio ids locked out and skipped so that I don't have to hear traffic from them. But all this seems to do is not display the alpha tag I have attached to the RID's that are locked out and skipped. The reason I want to do this is the city I want to listen to's...
  5. D

    Radio Shack pro-405 ALL ch L-out

    Somehow I have managed to lockout all channels and don't know how to undo it. Can you help me?
  6. T

    Can't Eliminate Scanning of Service Systems

    I have the 996xt and 396xt. Both are programmed identically with 9 conventional systems (SQK 1-9). I enable searching SQK 1 and 2 only. When I do this (or make anyother system selection) the scanners persist in searching all of the freq in each Service. In a previous thread, I was told to do...
  7. S

    Need PSR 500 programming help

    I have several scanners, and I want the PSR 500 to monitor an EDAC trunked system except certain talkgroups that I am monitoring with other scanners. So in ARC500 I created a wildcard talkgroup, and then I went to the six talkgroups that I don't want to hear, and activated Lockout. One of...