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log periodic

  1. U

    So what do you use a Log Periodic Antenna for?

    Back story-I found a company that was liquidating a whole bunch of inventory and happened to pick up some of these antennas new and unopened in a box. Can anyone tell me what specific application an antenna like this would be used for? Kathrein Scala Division CL7-300 225-400 MHz band. Item...
  2. wbloss

    Log Periodic+ E of Corrine

    Does anyone know what/who this monster Log Periodic antenna belongs to? It's about 11 miles W of I-15 on 83, not too far from the ATK, [/ATTACH] There's also an "umbrella" or some such just east of it Both been there for years and the dog house has no power to it Wally
  3. K

    Alternatives To Log Periodics - Need An Inexpensive, Directional, Broadband Antenna

    I'm wondering what type of cheap alternative there is to a log periodic antenna... something that's broadband, directional, high-gain, but low-cost too? It occurred to me in looking at log periodics how much they resemble regular 'ol TV antennas. I'm not so naive to think I could put a TV...