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  1. W

    New user here and unfamiliar with the new technology

    Just purchased a used RS 668 digital iscan from a retired police officer. As I am unfamiliar with all the new technology, the retired officer has upgraded this unit to the latest available upgrades such as whistler 1080 and dmr. I have no clue what all this means. It came with upgraded belt...
  2. som

    Trouble hearing anything in St. John Parish

    Hey, all. First time poster here with a question. I live in LaPlace and I'm using a PRO-668. I think I've got a pretty good handle on it, though I'm still learning some of the intricacies. My question is this: I've programmed in and can hear several of the nearby agencies on the LWIN system...
  3. S

    Ascension SO encrypted?

    Hello guys, so I was looking in the databases and got confused. I was specifically searching for the Donaldsonville SO frequencies. Here comes the confusion. On the trunked radio systems list was the Ascension Parish Public Safety (west), which i believe is Donaldsonville, on the P25 system. The...
  4. J

    Chopped off Brief live transmission

    I have been a member since a year ago. I just renewed, had been out ill for several months, and today started listening to jefferson parish sheriffs office in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. I receive the first word or two of the transmission,then nothing. This apparently just started happening...
  5. B

    Please help in Pointe Coupee, La

    I need some help please. There was this feed below *Pointe Coupee Parish, W. Baton Rouge Parish, E. Baton Rouge Parish, Fire-Rescue Public Safety 0 * Offline I loved it. It had all the fire and ems agencies on this one broadcast for my area and even had the airmed helicopter for Acadian...
  6. F

    Unitrunker / BCD396XT / EDACS Standard- Low Decode Health

    Hopefully someone can help a newbie here.... I am trying to decode an EDACS Standard digital system in my local area. I am running Unitrunker connected to a BCD396XT through the serial port with a Uniden USB cable. I have the BAUD rate set to 115200 on both ends. Scanner has EDACS system...
  7. JamesPrine

    Monitoring NOPD

    Hello all! I'm currently based in Ponchatoula, and am interested in monitoring the New Orleans Police Department on LWIN with my PRO-197. I am not allowed to erect a base antenna and am restricted to the issue antenna that came with the scanner. I programmed in the Hammond, Pam Am, Kenner...
  8. G

    Lafourche TGID's LWIN 700mhz

    I have found some of these TGID's that are not in the Louisiana Lafourche Database These are all the Talk Group ID's that came from our LAFOEP radios TAG TGID Description 15 LPG-EVENT-1 33567 All Agency Special Event Channel 16 LPG-EVENT-2 33568...
  9. kevins669

    Louisiana Wireless Information Network (LWIN) Discussion

    The governing authority has adopted the name Louisiana Wireless Information Network, or LWIN, for the statewide 700/800 MHz P25 communications system. As such, all references to the former name, "LATIE," should not be used, and will be updated on RadioReference on next touch. This new thread...