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low audio

  1. BlueDevil

    Icom F1721 with RMK2 Issue

    I have an Icom F1721 with a RMK2 remote mount. The audio coming out of the remote head is extremely low even at full volume. I have checked both ribbon cables and they are working properly. When the head is connected directly to the radio the audio and volume operates as it should. I even tried...
  2. H

    CSX Rail Low Audio from Trains Bergen County

    I've been monitoring CSX Rail here in Bergen County and noticing that the audio from the trains is very low but audio from the detector and dispatcher is loud & clear. I don't think they are on "narrow band" but believe they use some kind of hands free arrangement in the cab up front or just...
  3. C

    Low aduio on feed

    Hi all, I am new to broadcasting, This morning I woke up to fine my audio low. I have check my connections and levels and everything seems to be fine...The feed I am referring to East Pasco county Fire Rescue and EMS....Is it possible that the audio level was lowered from a web admin??? any...
  4. K

    CS700 mic options

    Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations on an external speaker/mic for my new CS700. I've read a lot of good & bad on the subject but no one seems to recommend a model or part number. I don't mind if I have to do some surgery to remove or change a resistor or whatever. My CS700 arrived about...
  5. telxonmaster

    TK-270 low audio on repeaters

    I bought a TK-270 today at a Hamfest, and have just programmed the local VHF repeaters into it, as well as two MURS channels I use. (Murs channels set at low power to comply with power requirements) The problem I have is on the local repeaters, I'm being told my audio is very low, and sometimes...
  6. W

    UBC3300XLT audio cutting out?

    I have a UBC3300XLT that I bought secondhand, that was absolutely flawless cosmetically. It came with the digital card, but I removed it since I do not currently monitor any digital systems and heard that they eat up battery life. I mostly monitor non-trunked fire service frequencies in the...
  7. gdborek

    Need Help - low audio feed

    I can get the feed online using either scancast or radiofeed, but using either results in a feed that is barely perceptible on either a computer or android phone. the broadcast sounds fine when I listen to it through the soundcard and speakers on the computer I'm using for the feed, but when I...