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  1. C

    new RTL-SDR Wideband low noise amplifier

    Wondering if anyone has seen the new RTL-SDR Blog Wideband LNA product yet? Seems to have been announced on sept 4th. https://www.rtl-sdr.com/tag/low-noise-amplifier/ Specs show: Frequency range of 50 MHz to 4000 MHz Noise figure = 0.6dB @ 900 MHz OIP3 = 39.5 dBm @ 900 MHz P1...
  2. W8HDU

    Low Band Radio Manufacturers

    Are there any manufacturers still making Low Band radios, (30-50MHz)? I heard if you're a low band user the only option is someone's used equipment.
  3. W8HDU

    Searching the Database

    Is there a way to search the database on RadioReference database for users in the 30-33 and 47-50 MHz portion of low band in a specific state? I've looked at the search feature and don't see a way to drill down to a specific range of frequencies. Might be newbee issues.
  4. D

    pro 651 low audio to feed

    I got a pro 651 today and hoped to use it as a new radio for an existing feed. I plugged the existing feeds audio cable into the headphone jack of the pro651 and the audio is very very low @ any volume setting. I tried a pair of earphones on the 651 and the audio was fine. Does the pro651 have a...
  5. K

    TK-390 Audio/Modulation Low

    I have a TK-390 all programmed up and have been using for a while now. Ive made sure the individual channels are set to wide and i have even cranked up the Deviation in the "TEST" menu. The only problem in on simplex its nice and loud but on the repeaters it sounds off frequency due to over...
  6. U

    Low Audio Volume

    Hi, I'm listening in Douglasville, GA and the audio volume is very low even when I turn the volume all the way up on my phone. Fix please?