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  1. edweirdFL

    Holiday weekend means more marine traffic

    I started hearing more radio traffic on marine Ch 16 today than usual. When I went out of the house to run some errands I noticed that nearly all of the parking spaces around the boat ramps were full of empty trailers, and I could see a lot of boats out on the inland waterway. Today and...
  2. C

    Dual band antenna for scanning?

    After quite a bit of searching online I'm stumped and request some assistance from the forum. I'd like to set up a base station for lack of a better term at my home and listen to as many frequencies as possible with the most interesting ones for me being at approximately 155mhz, 455mhz and...
  3. adams_jb

    PSR 800 - USCG (marine frequencies)

    :confused: Good Morning!! I am going on a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale soon and was looking to take my scanner with me.I have been looking on EZ Scan where to find USCG or other marine channels to program and I am not finding any. I am sure I am not looking int he right place. Can anyone give me...
  4. VE1GAT

    Frugal handheld GMRS MURS HAM Marine

    information & experiences with UV5R, BF888, counterfeits, antennas NA771 index radio programming with CHirp also covered with several packs to download.
  5. screenersam

    Flare off SoCo, possible missing hunters

    Around 2000 there was a report of a yellow parachute flare off Janes Island (Crisfield). SoCo marine 4 and 9 responded, as did Trooper 4 and one or more NRP units, possible CG boat. Radio traffic on SoCo, NRP and CG 16 and 21. By 2045 Trooper 4 called off searching and other units followed...
  6. kg4ojj

    MCLB Albany - 380 MHz Trunked Radio System

    I have been hunting for any proof of the MCLB Albany (okay, Albeennny) 380 MHz trunked radio system. It had been rumored to be 'in development' for a few years. Found it..... sort of. Control channel is 380.325 (P25 Phase I, NFM, NAC 00A (zero zero alpha) ) As I was driving through the...
  7. L

    Savannah River / Port of Savannah

    Are there "official" marine channels for the port area? For example the harbor pilots/tugs to ship or port to ship? I know Coast Guard Charleston/Tybee is on Ch. 21.
  8. w4wxp

    What is this net? (Video attached)

    Anyone know what this net is? I have no idea. It was on 6977 khz at 10:30 pm GMT today (Sept 23rd). I'm sure it's maritime related, but it sounded like a ham net....but absolutely not on 40 meters as it was in the 6 meg range. Is that a maritime ssb frequency? If so, what's the net called...
  9. kd0aat

    Quad City Area Marine Frequencies?

    Does anyone know the frequencies for lock and damn 14 & 15?
  10. S

    Lake Ouachita & Lake Hamilton Freq???

    Looking for water patrol freq. for Lake Ouachita & Lake Hamilton???
  11. KC9SGV

    Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net - Ham Radio Net for boaters.

    Hi All, Please join us on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the summer boating season on the Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net. We are on HF, VHF, Echolink, IRLP, Skype, CQ100 and Ustream. Times are 0830 a.m. ET and 1030 a.m. ET on weekend mornings. 7.263 MHz LSB +/- QRM Echolink node # 528436...
  12. Bote

    SuperBoat races in Key West

    My Southernmost Feed is jumping this week and especially right now with the SuperBoat races around Key West. You're welcome to listen in, although the marine channels are only one of the services monitored, so there will be police, fire, and occasional military traffic from the Boca Chica Naval...
  13. G

    texas instruments

    i was given a texas instruments base transever can any one give me any info on it its a 2100 model and has marine on it pic to come soon
  14. P

    Motorola Talkabout T9500 / New to GMRS

    Does anyone know what the FCC ID is for this radio? I can't find it anywhere - I checked the manual, under the battery, popped off the faceplae - Serial #, model, brand. I wanted to see if it was GMRS or FRS type accepted - I do have a brand new GMRS license I got when I bought these things...
  15. M

    VHF Marine Trasmits Wide or Narrow FM

    Hi I know its not quite an Amateur topic, But can any one tell for is VHF Marine transmitted on Narrow or Wide , I know the channel spacing is wide, but that does not tell me what it is transmitted on. If you set a radio to wide you pick up the marine with a tiny bit better signal, but lower...
  16. J

    question on marine ch 16 (american)

    Hi, I know marine ch 16 is for distress, but I dont understand when it is acceptable to use it for hailing. Are you supposed to monitor 16 and say, for recreational use, is your friend supposed to hail you on 16 with instructions to move to another channel? that is one way i've heard it is...
  17. G

    Marine Antenna

    I have a offshore fishing boat. It came equipped w/ two (2) marine vhf radio antennas. We are only using one of those. We would like to connect our am/fm marine radio to the extra antenna. What type of conversion needs to take place. I have found a band splitter/separator. We do not need to...
  18. G

    Marine Antenna

    I have a offshore fishing boat. It came equipped w/ two (2) marine vhf radio antennas. We are only using one of those. We would like to connect our am/fm marine radio to the extra antenna. What type of conversion needs to take place. I have found a band splitter/separator. We do not...
  19. beischel

    GRE500/600 Marine Freq File

    Does anyone have a marine frequency file (VHF and even UHF) that they can send me so I can import it into Win500 to load into my GRE (PSR500 and 600) scanners? Or are the conventional frequency files on RR someplace that I keep missing. Also looking for railroad freqs if you have those also. If...
  20. Bote

    Boca Raton, FL streaming scanner feed

    My new Boca Raton, Florida streaming scanner feed seems to be doing pretty well. The line-up that I have been using for a few weeks is fire radio for Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Deerfield Beach, plus marine and nearby simplex railroad communications from FEC and CSX. If you...