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marion county

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    Pro-95 - Marion County, Indiana MECA Programming Help

    I just found my older Pro-95 scanner and I am new to the scanner hobby. Indianapolis's public safety radio system is an 800 MHz system called MECA. I have figured out how to program the repeaters I like to listen to in the scanner, but when it comes to programming the multiple MECA frequencies I...
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    Marion County Frequencies

    I currently own a Pro94, 1000 channel Radioshack Dual Trunking Scanner. I'm seeking frequencies mainly for Salem Police, Marion County Sheriff, Salem Fire, and Marion County Fire District 1. I have the most common frequencies for each of these but if any of you know any other frequencies please...
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    Good evening everyone, hope this finds each of you well. I wanted to pass this along to those who may be interested. Hamilton County (Noblesville) has been chosen to participate along with three other counties in the United States in a program called NETGuard. The idea behing NETGuard is to...
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    Marion County

    Just upgraded to P25-capable digital trunking (RS Pro-106 and Pro-197) but disappointed to hear very little additional traffic. KSCIS appears to have licensed a tower near Aulne, but only Cottonwood Falls and McPherson seem active, albeit with weak signal apparently leading to a lot of false...