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  1. S

    Single mast installation

    If installing a discone antenna on the same mast as Tv antenna how far apart from each other?
  2. J

    Portable Tripod for Patio with Diamond X30A?

    Can someone recommend a portable tripod for use on an apartment patio. Something I can pull in and out ss needed (not screw down or bolt to floor). This will likely be used for a Diamond x30A and the antenna will need to be mounted about 10 inches above top of the tripod so no long mast will be...
  3. BlueDevil

    Antenna Ground Options

    I have a question regarding antenna grounding options. I am looking to have a single UHF Repeater Antenna on top of a 4 story building. The antenna will be mounted to the side of a elevated portion of the building/roof which is just about in the middle of the building with a fairly large...
  4. D

    1.5" tubing needed for tower

    Hi Guys, Can anyone suggest where around Calgary I can get a few 30 foot lengths of tubing? I'd like the OD to be 1.5 inch and the wall thickness of .188 I'm looking for 2 lengths to act as supports for the ends of a dipole so the ends would be 30ft up in the air and I need a third piece...
  5. M

    Grounding Diamond V2000A Base Antenna

    I just assembled a 33 foot Penniger tilt mast on a piece of 4x4 wood cemented in the ground. I mounted my Diamond V2000A 6m/2m/70cm Base Antenna at the top and ran a 100 foot coil of RG-8 with two PL-259's, one connected to the Diamond and the other rolled up at the bottom of the mast...
  6. chankel

    New tower installation photos 7/26/11

    Rooftop tower installation by Penn Tech International Penn Tech, International - Penn-Tech International They will do private work for individuals willing to pay for professional towerjacks. In a total of 13 hrs they installed this 4.5 ft Glen Martin rooftop tower with 3 side arms and a 10 ft...
  7. Kosingigglephits

    Question about mast

    Hi everyone, I recently scored! a co-worker of mine has a 30' steel mast her hubby installed several years ago (he's now passed on) and she is wanting to get rid of it. basically it's a 30' steel mast made up of 10' sections. One end has a flare that the other screwes into. I looked at it today...