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  1. zacabo

    ID-O-Matic IV and MCS2000

    I'm trying to build a repeater out of two VHF MCS2000 radios using the Id-o-Matic IV. I know the MCS doesn't have a COS so I'm using the stereo mute instead. I tried to follow the setup I had for my UHF cdm's. I'm able to key the repeater key up but there is no audio coming through. Tonight I...
  2. T

    Programing MCS2000

    I am looking at acquiring a MCS2000. Still waiting to hear if it is UHF. I have called Lakeshore Communications and they won't/can't/don't, program these radios. What other company in the GTA area do programing as I am looking for a rough cost as I am going to have it programed for use at my...
  3. SOUTH300

    Transmit Problem with MCS2000 and Antenna

    I just recently re-installed a MCS2000 Model II VHF from one vehicle to another. 2008 F-150 to a 2009 F-150. I am currently using a Diamond K-400 Trunk Lip antenna mount and secured it to the bed rail. In the old truck, it worked like a dream. In the new truck, this is what happens: On...
  4. S

    MCS-2000 Siren Interfacing

    Looking for information on interfacing a siren with my MCS-2000. What Motorola Siren/pa box do i need? Cables Needed? I'm new to the use and programming of motorola radios. i read that you can use the systems 9000 sirens with these radios is this true? Radio is a MCS-2000 110watt UHF...
  5. B


    looking for info on setting up my mcs2000 uhf model 2 to an external speaker. there is no internal one so i am trying to use a speaker model number HSN4035A. There are 6 different wires and i just need help figuring out where these wires go. there is a blue wire, red wire, black wire, white...
  6. R

    MTS2000 CPS programming problem

    Hi All, Noob here trying to re-program an MTS 2000 Model II. I've changed some (49) of the conventional personalities, updated the Zone lists and tried to Write Device. The radio always comes back with "UNPROGRAMMED" after the download and "SELFTEST". When I save the codeplug file it saves...
  7. C

    Mcs 2000 help

    Hi, I could use some help/advice. I have several MCS2000 Version 3 mobile radios. I have DOS MTSX RSS V6.7 and the proper cables. I am able to read the radio completes 17 of 17 blocks and then gives me an error "a newer version..." I'm a neophite programming these radios. Can someone tell me...
  8. G

    MCS2000- Importing New Data into Old Codeplug

    Software: MCS2000 Radio CPS vR01.1.10.00 Is there a way to import data from a newly created MCS2000 codeplug into an old codeplug (or just getting around the recognition problems, and writing the new codeplug directly to the radio)? I have tried to "import", "drag-n-drop", and "cut-n-paste"...
  9. radact

    Code Plug Question

    Is asking for a copy of a codeplug the same as asking for software? If yes, disregard this. If no, here is what I need. I have a friend that gave me an MCS2000 VHF Model 1 radio and it has a corrupt codeplug. I was thinking if I had a good one I could blow it in and maybe it will correct...