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  1. P

    Manatee County - why so quiet?

    Has anyone else noticed the last few days that MCSO radio traffic seems unusually quiet? It seems like they are fighting some technical issue. When I first noticed it the EDACS control was on channel 2, and at times the percentage indicated on my scanner was very low. Now its on channel 4 and...
  2. L

    Problems with RS Pro-652 in AZ

    For some unknown reason I lost the ability to monitor a lot of freqs in Maricopa County, especially MCSO. About all I can hear now is Dispatch on the West side. Before I was listening to just about anything I wanted. I have used Win500 to reprogram the 652, but to no avail. I have used ARC 500...
  3. T

    Mohave County

    Does anyone know the scanner frequency for District 5 up on the AZ strip that covers Beaver Dam / Scenic/ Colorado City? Thanks
  4. N

    MCSO: A Walk Down Memory Lane

    Hi everyone: In a continuation from the Kelly Butte BOEC thread, here are some old photos of the Multhomah County Sheriff's Office over the years. These are all copies that I obtained with permission from MCSO. Copyright status is unknown. If anybody objects to these on copyright (or other)...
  5. tunnelmot

    Montgomery Co P25 "roll-out"

    FYI Date for MCSO/PD P25 1A7 radio roll-out: Talked with my Father-in-law, which is a Lt. with a local PD. Said the P25 radios are supposed to be issued/installed on or around the 21st of this month. Rich