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  1. R

    Active TPIDs and Systems from Mesa Riverview Area

    I ran a log for a day with a lot of activity, these are the most active TPIDs with Alpha tags along with the SYSTEM names I am located near the Mesa Riverview by the 202 (Red Mountain) and Alma School. If your looking for the best TX sites to program in your scanner for local PD and FD, these...
  2. J

    Confused About Mesa Fire VHF & P25

    Radio Reference database has "deprecated," or more or less de-listed, the VHF frequencies for the Mesa Fire Department. There is no traffic on these frequencies that I can receive with a gain antenna from my home in Scottsdale. There is no indication of where that VHF fire traffic has moved...
  3. A

    Pro-106 Mesa Arizona Police distorted broadcast

    I bought my Pro-106 last October and downloaded the win500 program and installed the Phoenix metro area radio systems. When monitoring Mesa police many times the transmissions are garbled and I only get bits and pieces and other times it is crystal clear. Someties in the middle of a crystal...