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  1. F

    UV-82HP 6+Power-On Message 1 and 2

    I've got three UV-82HP radios, each with same firmware (N82-33/US2S35). While programming them with CHIRP, I noticed these two editable fields: 6+Power-On Message 1: 150820N 6+Power-On Message 2: [blank] These are separate from the Firmware Message (lines 1&2) and the regular Power-On...
  2. WX9RLT

    ATTN MODS: Error, Cant get mine to configure

    Hi, I have had a feed on RR for many years. And I just installed radiofeed onto my new PC and now it will NOT let me configure. I am now running windows 8, if that makes a difference I get the following error message Any ideas on how to fix this? Please help. Thank you
  3. K


    This is a most interesting low power HF system using 954 FCC licensed frequencies. It is a derivation of a Harris waveform and protocol. http://www.hysky.com Does anyone have a recording of the HF signal? Is there a list on RadioReference of the FM stations they use to broadcast their...
  4. K

    EDACS Status Messages

    Does anyone have any experience with Statuses or Messages on EDACS? I know how to program them into the radio but how do you get others to receive them. The radio has the feature (14 I think) and it appears to transmit but nothing shows up on the other radios or Maestro C3 consoles.
  5. N

    HT1250 - MDC Message

    Hey Guys, New to the forum, please pardon the ignorance as I get more acquainted with the software. I have an HT1250 and modified one of the MDC Messages; I assumed that I'd be able to transmit a message, say "Test" from my portable to another portable, having that message show up on the LCD...