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  1. R

    MPSCS Alpha tag scheme

    I've spent hours looking through the forums and wiki and haven't found my answer, so forgive me if this has already been answered and I just haven't found it. I'm from Mississippi, but I'm spending a lot of time in Michigan lately (6 times last year!) and may be moving there. When looking...
  2. billforbush

    BCD996P2 TG Scan

    I'm sure this is a simple issue to resolve but I am SOOOO frustrated. I want to scan only the TGs that I have programmed into the system. No matter what I do, I seem to get any traffic on the system. I am trying to scan a few VHF conventional frequencies and a couple of dozen MPSCS sites and...
  3. H

    Newbie from Grand Rapids here to say HI!

    Hello folks! I am (somewhat) of a newbie. Let me explain; I was, at one time, a licensed amateur radio operator (General License) my call was KC8TBY. Although my ham license has lagged I am getting back into the radio hobby slowly. I am looking into police/fire/EMS scanning at this point in...
  4. B

    Not hearing Livingston county

    Hello, Trying to program Liv. Co into my scanner. Its a pro96 and im using Win96. I programmed the Northville tower and input all the Talkgroups I want to here but im not getting anything. I also have local talkgroups programmed such as Northville township and Plymouth township and can hear...
  5. WU8Y

    Michigan National Guard to host Northern Strike 2016

    Michigan National Guard to host Northern Strike 2016 Combined arms exercise to take place across northern Lower Peninsula, Aug., 1-20, 2016
  6. B

    Canton Township

    I believe Canton PD has gone digital encryped but I was always able to scan the Summit on the Park, golf courses and some public works. They have gone disappeared like Amelia Earhart. Anyone know if all Canton Township MI traffic is now trunked and/or encrypted, in particular recreation, public...
  7. F

    Oakland county public talkgroup question

    Hi guys, i have a maybe stupid question but i'm sure you guys know the answer. Again sorry if it's kind of noob. Is there any public talkgroup or public frequency in oakland county ( west bloomfield, farmington hills, or around these areas) that we can program and talk? By public talkgroup or...
  8. R

    Transitioning to digital

    Hello, A couple of years ago my state of Michigan upgraded to 800 MHz digital radios. I'm alittle late to the party and have recently been looking to buy a new scanner to listen to. I was wondering if I could get some help on what type of scanner I need to buy...any radio that is digital and...
  9. K8CPA

    Need help with my scanner...

    Guys, I've picked up a Bearcat BCT536HP and I have alot of local stuff around here in it. The problem is there's a lot of digital stuff and it's not in digital format in the database. I shot a video, so you all would understand what I am talking about...
  10. 7

    New to the 436HP

    Hi All, I am new to the BCD436HP and the modern scanning world. The last time i used a scanner it was using crystals...LOL yes, I know years ago. Anyways I am trying to help an older uncle get this programmed. I have read the manual a couple of times but it just isn't syncing in. I want...
  11. G

    home patrol one help!!!

    I am just a rookie when it comes to police scanners. I have recently bought a uniden home patrol one. The symptom I have been having is that when I program a certain station into my scanner it never does anything. I have never downloaded sentenial, there for I have not updated the scanner since...
  12. A

    Detroit Scanner Freqs and Radios

    Hi All, The live stream for Detroit Police Department is down, and has been for a while: Detroit Police Live Scanner Audio Feed I am a licensed amateur radio operator and member of our neighborhood radio patrol. I would like to monitor this, and potentially bring a feed back online. I...
  13. Z

    Livingston County & 396XT

    Wondering if someone can help me out. I got a 396XT scanner and I used ProScan to set it up. I have the one "Site" which is Howell. I then added the livingston county FD/PD trunk groups. I can hear most if not all of the FD/PD stuff in Livingston County. The problem is that I am also getting...
  14. B

    Michigan Incident Alert Radio System

    Not sure if this forum is the correct one to post this thread, moderators please move this thread if needed! I am in the exploration stages of establishing a 2 way radio system with the purpose of enabling freelance news/fire photographers to communicate while out working in the field. The...
  15. B

    Any open GMRS repeaters in Detroit Area?

    Just wondering if there are any open GMRS repeaters still operating in the Detroit area. I have researched this question several times and have come up with conflicting info.
  16. B

    Wildfire Season

    I'm getting ready to program a couple radios with the hope of being able to monitor fire crews working wildfires in Michigan. Other than individual county dispatch frequencies and local fire departments, are there any other frequencies that i should be monitoring? Any statewide VHF/UHF...
  17. N

    Michigan DB Download GPS info included?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if the spreadsheet that we can down load as a premium member includes the GPS info? It is my understanding that I can just copy this spreadsheet into free scan and program my BCD 996XT scanner for MI, Is this correct? I have a GPS for it, I just want to know if I have...
  18. L

    Bringing back lost feed?

    A while back the Ingham County, Michigan Fire Main talk group feed went offline ("Due to hardware failure"), then disappeared altogether. Are there any plans to bring it back? While the Fire Main talk group is included in the Ingham County Public Safety feed, it is impossible to listen to as...
  19. instrumentphilip

    Warren, MI aircraft

    Hey I saw something over Hoover 12 mile area flying in the air for about 25 seconds before it went behind the tree that blocked me from seeing it then it disappeared. My friend that could see around the tree said it seemed to vanish. I would normally have thought it was a Helicopter because the...
  20. BuiltonAsus

    Ypsilanti Man Fires at Passing Chase

    Video Another reason why so many departments scream for encryption. It only takes one idiot to ruin it for everyone.