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  1. A

    Turner Plus Three CB Mic

    Hello, I have a Turner Plus 3 that has been converted from 8 pin to 4pin. It keys up just fine but no audio comes over. I have tested it on a Ranger RCI-6900F . I then tried it on a Realistic TRC-432. Same result. On the realistic I am using a 4 pin to 5 pin converter cable , however that cable...
  2. A

    Hytera MD782 10-pin Microphone Connector

    I am looking for the part number of the 10-pin Hytera Microphone Jack if it is available from any connector manufacturer.
  3. H

    CB Radio Home Base

    Hello, I'm new to CB Radio, as well as this forum. I am looking for a CB Radio for a home setup. I'm looking for one with a high output, so I can achieve a good distance signal. I would like it to be below $200 if possible, and I also am looking for a powerful antenna, that I could mount on...
  4. A

    Uniden Mic differences

    Does anyone know what the difference is between similarly-numbered models BMKG0645001 and the BC645? Looking on Uniden's site, they look the same, but the BMKG0645001 ($19.99) is listed for use with PRO505Xl & PRO538W radios, while the BC645 ($24.99) is "Compatible with PRO500 Series CB Radios"...
  5. K

    Uniden 980 microphone issues.

    Has anyone else here had their Uniden 980 stop receiving audio from the stock mic? The radio doesn't even respond to the ptt.
  6. K

    CS700 mic options

    Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations on an external speaker/mic for my new CS700. I've read a lot of good & bad on the subject but no one seems to recommend a model or part number. I don't mind if I have to do some surgery to remove or change a resistor or whatever. My CS700 arrived about...
  7. C

    Kenwood TK5310 Microphone

    Hello all, I have a general question about my Kenwood TK5310 portable radio i have. I have been doing some research on the internet and see that Kenwood makes a Microphone that has the Antenna built on the speaker. The models they have listed are KMC-26 and KMC-49(with RF adapter). Is anyone...
  8. ladn

    Alinco EMS-12 Cable

    My Alinco EMS-12 mic is still in great condition, however the cable has a bad case of rubber rot. I think it's pretty dumb to have to buy a new mic, just because of a bad cable, but Alinco/GRE no longer stocks the cable and even the Chinese don't seem to make one. I'd be happy replacing it with...
  9. M

    mts2000 mic muted on repeaters

    New to the forum, seems there are people here who know what they're about. Here's a conundrum! I have an MTS2000 model H01RDD9PW1BN: flash code 001008-000000-0 (I've attached a .CPG file renamed as .Doc...... so rename back to .CPG (it might work)) ! I have re-programmed mode A with the 8...
  10. wm8s

    Motorola Microphone to Kenwood Radio adapter?

    Is there such a beast? I have a box of nice Motorola desk mics, and I'd like to use two of them on my Kenwood TM-D710As. If I weren't lazy, I could make an adapter (if the mics are compatible with the radios; I've haven't investigated that). But I'd much rather buy something nice that someone...
  11. wmetech1

    PSR-800 Scanning Wireless Microphone & Intercom Frequencies

    Hello all. I have a part time job doing general sound/lighting/maintenance work in a theater. One day over the weekend, out of boredom, I decided to program the wireless mic and intercom frequencies into my PSR-800 via the EZ Scan software. When entering in any of the 12+ frequencies I have, I...
  12. mrfixit49

    Help needed identifying a vintage Remote Microphone

    Hi all, I need your assistance. I am going through some old boxes and came across this Motorola Remote Microphone. I searched all over google images and ebay and cannot find an all chrome one like this or one similar anywhere. My late father-in-law was a motorocycle officer and I am suspecting...
  13. kjvonly1611

    1/4" female to 2 pin male mic adapter exist?

    I've bought my first HF rig... a HeathKit SB-101 and am gathering the necessary hardware to get it on the air. It comes with the microphone plug attached to a clipped wire. I already have a high quality microphone with the standard 3 pin to 1/4" male cord. Does said adapter exist and if so where...
  14. n9mxq

    Sneaking past the handsfreee laws?

    CB style microphone for your iPhone... ThinkGeek :: CB Radio iPhone Handset This should spur some interesting discussion...
  15. S

    XPR6550 - remote speaker microphone

    I've tried the PMMN4025 and PMMN4050 remote speaker microphones. When transmitting, the individuals listening state that I am clear and understandable. However, some individuals are annoyed and stated that it sounds like my voice is muffled a bit and/or sounds like I'm in a tunnel. Anyone...
  16. W

    Intercom Mic (.206) Wiring

    I was hoping to make a little adapter to play music on my intercom system for long cross country flights. I found a .206" plug. (http://www.aircraftspruce.com/pdf/2012Individual/Cat12649.pdf No.11-00702) My plan is to solder a wire and 1/8" standard headphone plug to this. First off will this...
  17. O

    Transmit Problem - Microphone??

    Hi, For more than 10 years I've been running a tweaked Uniden PC76XLW CB radio with the original Uniden mike and a Wilson 5000 antenna. It has served me very well when driving throughout the USA. Now I just found out that I cannot transmit. SWR is still okay, TX indicator moves when I press the...
  18. J

    F-5061 Dual Mic

    I am removing a gm-300 from one of our trucks that has 2 mic's connected through the 8 pin connector. I would like to install the new 5061 and keep the same configuration. I am wondering what pins need to be connected for this.
  19. SCPD

    *cool scanner microphone/speaker trick*

    Attention scanner lovers! Do you want to look official? I have found out a cheap way to have a receive only speaker/mic installed onto your scanner!! Go to this link and purchase this microphone, once you receive it, take a pair of needlenose pliers, and carfully take out the 2.5 mm plug (the...