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  1. J

    PSR-800: New SD Card simply won't work

    So I went out and got new microSD cards for my two microSD based scanners (PSR-800 & BCD536HP) on the advice of some RR folks. Picked up the Transcend Information 16GB High Endurance microSD Card with Adapter (TS16GUSDHC10V) off Amazon. Programmed them both/each with the adapter. The 536 took...
  2. colincd

    BCD436HP - MicroSD Door Missing

    I picked up a used BCD436HP recently and discovered that the MicroSD card metal door clip is missing. Anyone have any thoughts on where I can find a replacement metal door to keep the MicroSD card in place?
  3. A

    PSR-800: MicroSD Card

    So I got an 8gb class 10. I had to take it back it jus't didn't want to work. Did anyone else try a class 10 in their 800?
  4. wmetech1

    PSR-800 Freezing

    I received my PSR-800 on Friday (1/4) and I have noticed two interesting issues. I wanted to throw them out to everyone here before contacting GRE. 1) When using the unit in my car, whilst plugged in to my 2 port cigarette lighter to USB adapter (name brand, not a cheap one) I have had an issue...