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  1. S

    Blackhawks in Northern Oregon

    I'm out here near Lincoln City and just saw a flight of 3 blackhawks go by, any idea where they are out of and their comms might be? Thanks
  2. F

    new low band vhf mil log

    im going to start a new low band mil log from30 to 50 mhz and will post updates about every week or so. I have a bcd536hp with the hole low band mill air band with tone 151.4 anyone wishing to help is more than welcome my qth is goode va and antanna is buckscomm dipole antanna 73s to all
  3. SteveDouglass

    NightStalker Ops on SATCOM

    I had an interesting and rare clear voice military UHF STACOM intercept today - NIGHTSTALKER OPS - CENTURION COMMO on 262.2250 MHz (nbfm) today. NIGHTSTALKER OPs is listed as 160th SOAR - but I have no listing for CENTURION. Can anyone I.D. this station? Here's a link to a recording...