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minitor 2 pager

  1. ka9rxk

    Need VHF antenna for Minitor II amplified charger

    Hello, I just picked up a Minitor II VHF pager along with the desktop amplified charger. I am in need of the VHF antenna for it. The Motorola part number is: NAD6310A. A quick "google" search does not return any results for this part number. Thanks for any help! -Don KA9RXK
  2. C

    Minitor II Question(s)

    First, I apologize if this isn't the right forum for this post. I have an old Motorola Minitor II pager. I would like to purchase a crystal (crystal?) for it to monitor 154.175 frequency when I'm out and about. Will that do the trick, or do I need something more? Also, can someone point me to...
  3. W

    Minitor 2 reprogramming

    Does anyone know where I can get a Motorola Minitor 2 pager programmed? For years my brother was a volunteer fire fighter but do to a back inquiry he had to quit. He also had to give back his Motorola Minitor 2 fire pager as it was such a small company there were not enough to go around...