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minitor 3

  1. jerry092975

    Motorola Minitor 3 Engineering Data

    I have a Question: in the programming win PPS Software for the minitor 3 and 4 pagers is it possible to change the frequency range ? (example) freq range is> 151.995 to 158.995 mhZ is it ok to change it to 159.000 to 166.9999 mhZ With the Engineering Data login screen you can change the pagers...
  2. M

    Minitor Tones Decoder

    Would it be possible if i sent an audio clip of my pager paging and you could give me the information such as the type of tone, how long, etc stuff like that it would be very helpful
  3. W

    Minitor 3 Programmer Needed!

    Hey, I just got a Minitor 3 and I need someone to program it for me. I'm from Dorchester County and I think I have the right freq. If anyone know the current, that will be helpful to make sure I have the right one. If anyone can help me out, that will be greatly appreciated! Thank You!
  4. luky2122

    Minitor activating on other tones

    Please help, I have a minitor 3 and I have programed it to my specific two tone frequency, the problem is that another house has a similar group call and when they are toned out my pager goes hay wire.. I don't know if it's because the tones are to close to each other? or my maybe their is...
  5. N

    Minitor III and IV

    Have a question on how to set up the Minitor III and IV's. I have both pagers and they are both 2 channels my question is im trying to set up the 4 switches A is medic 911 page and all call (duty off) B is medic All call (duty on) i need a switch where i can scan both channels to have it...
  6. N

    Minitor 3 housings

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy aftermarket minitor 3 housings?