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minitor 5

  1. B

    Minitor V issue

    I have a one channel model and for some reason, I am picking up the neighboring fire department who is on a completely different frequency than us. What would be causing this?
  2. pwelsheimer

    Minitor V Amplified Charger

    Anyone out there have any knowledge on repairing a RLN5869B? Amplifier part works fine, however when the pager is inserted using a known good new battery, the battery and pager LED flash even though there is no battery in the external rear charging slot. It oughta be able to be fixed, no?
  3. S

    Minitor 5 Malfunction

    I have a Motorola Mintor 5 issued to me by my fire department. It worked fine for months. However, just recently, after the pager was activated when we got a call, nothing was recorded in the voice storage and the pager essentially shut itself off. After this happened multiple times I replaced...
  4. S

    Needed: Minitor V SV Codeplug

    I have accidentally overwritten the codeplug for my SV codeplug with a non SV codeplug without saving the original. I am hoping someone might be able to provide me with one so I can get my SV back on my pager. I am doing some experimenting with it for our dept. and no one has SV. Thank you in...
  5. krokus

    Minitor V on/off duty

    I have looked at the other posts I could find on a search, but still have not gotten a clear answer on programming on duty versus off duty settings. My department is in the process of setting up tones for just the in-station personnel and an all-call tone. These tones are new sets, but we still...
  6. S

    Standardizing Minitor V Codeplug Versions

    Minitor V "Pager A" codeplug is version .017. Minitor V "Pager B" codeplug is version .116. Is there a way to make Pager A use version .116? Both are on the same firmware 3.0. Thanks in advance.
  7. B

    Voice Memo Replaced With Alert Tone,Minitor V

    Hello, Hoping to get some info/suggestions on a Minitor V problem. The voice memo function is on, and instead of the "Mr.Motorola" voice telling me when the function switch is turned, a part of our dispatch tones and call has replaced the standard voice. Changing from A,B,C,and D all have the...
  8. C

    New here Minitor V

    hi i am new here and i am lookingfor some help i am looking at getting a minitor V pager and was wonder if there is a law that says u cant have a pager if youare not in the fdor emt in the state of virginia and if not i was looking for the frequencies and paging tones for south boston/halifax...
  9. KrisFFEMT

    Minitor 5 Split Band Change

    Good Morning All, I tried to search this on the forums but didn't find any info. My Minitor 5 is UHF with a Split Band of E. I need to change this to a K Split Band, so it can be prg with our new freqs (495's -496ish) Does anyone do this, or know where I can get a new board or have it...
  10. D

    Minitor V Pager repair parts

    I am looking for replacement knobs for a Minitor V pager. Do I have to sent the pager into the depot for repair? Thanks, Derinna
  11. N

    minitor v question

    im programing a motorola minitor v i put channel D to priority scan problem is its not open if i hold the reset button down than it becomes open an i can hear. i have the squelch set to 3 tried 5 and 1 and nothing anyone know what the problem is thanks
  12. N

    Dual Minitor V

    Okay so you have a dual channel minitor v the question problem is when you get back to back alerts on each channel the other channel wont alert. so lets say you have channel one ems and channel two fire the fire pages out on channel two you get the alert then a second later with (red light...
  13. N

    Minitor II to minitor v

    I'm switching to a minitor v from a minitor II. My question is I have 3 tones for the minitor II but when you program the minitor V you only have 2 call tones tone1 and call tone2. So how you go about this?
  14. C

    Motorola Minitor V

    Hey, I know that some of you out there have Motorolas Minitor V pager I am looking for a user guide/manual for it I have searched google dozens of pages back and can only find the brochure If anyone out there can scan the pages or give me a link to download the user guide/manual it will be...