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missing transmissions

  1. V

    BCD396XT missing talk

    I have a Home Patrol 1 and just purchased a BCD396XT! However, when I run them side-by-side, the HP1 seems to engage P25 talk much faster than the 396XT! I combed the forums and read about changing the P25 delay from default of 400 to 0, but that doesn't seem to make any difference. In...
  2. Y

    Pro 106 missing calls

    My uncle has the Pro 106, I just purchased the Uniden HomePatrol. We were comparing them and we both set our scanner to Fire dispatch channel in Colorado Springs. Half of the calls would not be heard on his scanner, while mine had traffic. He has had the Pro 106 for about 6 years, it has never...
  3. E

    police scanner: Dubbo nsw

    Hi dose anyone know what happened to the dubbo police scanner? It was called Dubbo yankee. I cant find it on any of the mobile app police scanners anymore. Any info would be much appreciated. This scanner is greatly missed :( Thanks in advance.
  4. K

    TK-780 - Missing transmissions in Trunking mode

    Hello all, I bought a TK-780 for dual use as a 2m/trunking rig. I drive a taxi, and our company uses this exact radio. I got it programmed and it works well, except it seems that sometimes the radio will miss some transmissions. (I'll hear drivers acknowledging a call that I never heard...