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mobile antenna

  1. O

    Base/Mobile Antenna Suggestions

    I am planning on purchasing two of the Kenwood TM-D710G Dual Band transceivers to use in my storm chase vehicle and at my house, and would like to hear any suggestions for base and mobile antennas that can transmit and receive the entire frequency spectrum the radios use. If possible, when you...
  2. O

    Base/Mobile Scanner Antenna Suggestions

    I am planning on purchasing two each of the Uniden BC355 and Uniden BCD536HP scanners to use in my storm chase vehicle and at my house, and would like to hear any suggestions for base and mobile antennas for each of them that can pick up the entire frequency spectrum each scanner can receive. If...
  3. S

    FYI TRAM 1089 Ant for less than $8.00

    Just a Heads UP.... If you got a new scanner for Christmas, check this out, on Amazon, very similar to the Scanner Master antennae. Don't know how long it's on sale. TinyURL.com/y9uhbhns TRAM 1089-BNC Scanner Mini-Magnet Antenna VHF/UHF/800mhz-1,300mhz with BNC-Male Connector 4.1 out...
  4. D

    SpectrumForce Wideband Antenna With Mag Mount

    Hello all, I am thinking about purchasing the SpectrumForce Wideband Antenna With Mag Mount, and I was wondering if anybody who owns or has owned this antenna could tell me how it does around 155.xxx mhz and 460.xxx mhz, I can already assume that it will not do well on 42mhz because of its...
  5. G

    "Best" mobile scanner antenna

    I'm looking for recommendations for a mobile scanner antenna covering 150, 450 and 800 MHz (no low band/6M needed). I currently have an Austin, but am wondering what others are using. Like most people, don't want to put holes in the vehicle. Thanks, Gregg, N2UUP
  6. K

    Base to mobile simplex help

    Im hoping you guys can help a newbie. My main goal is to achieve good simplex comms from my base (home rooftop tripod mount) to and from my truck. On both ends are baofeng uv-6r 5w HTs. At base is 50' rg8x direct from HT to 2m base antenna (firestik) on roof (about 40' high). I'm attempting to...
  7. J

    Mobile Antenna for HP-2

    Have been doing a lot of reading on the Antenna Forum and have concluded that getting a Larsen NMO150/450/800 fixed mount antenna makes sense for the type of monitoring I am doing. My only concern is VHF-Lo band for Maryland State Police. Any suggestions on a low band mobile antenna to mount...
  8. B

    Tonneau Cover antenna

    I am looking for the best 2m mobile antenna I can attach to a fiberglass tonneau cover , I have no other place to mount the antenna any Help will be appreciated .
  9. T

    Best Antenna?

    Looking for some input. I'm a Sheriff's Deputy working in northern Illinois. I've been carrying a GRE PSR500 in my squad for several years now (listen to State Police, local towns...wide range from conventional uhf/vhf to digital and trunked systems). When I first started carrying the...
  10. F

    Jaguar P700 External Speaker, NMO Antenna?

    Possibly a dumb quesion, but would it be possible to use an external speaker (such as the Uniden ESP-20, perhaps) with a Jaguar P700? If so, where would it plug in and what type of connector would be necessary? Also, would an NMO hole mount antenna be possible to use when in the car? If so, what...
  11. D

    Mobile antenna for bcd396xt?

    I dont know if this is crazy or not but I saw a youtube video of a guy using a mobile car antenna as a base antenna in his home. He just plopped it down on his table and hooked it up to his radio. Just trying to get opinions on something like that. I also have looked at WAN-97A Active Nomad Base...
  12. M

    700/800 MHz Mobile Antenna

    Just starting to shop for a good mobile antenna. Will used be with my RS Pro 106 while in my personal vehicle. Probably will be mounted on the trunk lid, unless I can find something low profile enough that it does not stick out like a sore thumb on the roof. My vehicle is a 2007 Honda Accord so...
  13. A

    700 and 800 MHz

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a mobile mount scanner antenna for listening to the 700 and 800 MHz that are being used on the LWIN.
  14. M

    Trying to get an old cb working, Please Help

    Hello, I recently discovered an old Knight base CB in my attic that my dad and grandfather built from a kit in the 1960's. I wanted to try and get it working, so I plugged it in quickly and it hums when I turn it on. The original antenna is long gone, so I went online looking for a new one. I...