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mobile install

  1. KC9ZNV

    NOOB 06 Trailblazer mobile install

    Hi folks, I am relatively new to HAM, I just received a brandy new Kenwood TM-V71A and I intend to mount this in my 2006 Chevy Trail Blazer. I did my best to search all of the forums on this site for answers with out much luck. This is my main forum for radio stuffs. The last radio I installed...
  2. N

    Plastic tapping screws

    There is a kind of screw that was used by GE to screw in to plastic. They were used inside of Mastr II and other radios, to hold speaker cases together, and to hold plastic cased control heads together. A selection of them was also included for use in mobile installs with each mobile radio...
  3. W8VFD

    2008 Silverado Shack

    My mobile setup: Icom IC-2820 for FM & D-Star Kenwood TK-7180 & TK-8180 with Motorola Repeater interface Motorola Syntor X9000 Low band for 6 Meter Ham band Acer laptop with Yaesu FT-2600M & KPC3 Plus for APRS operations. PRO-197 Scanner Mirage 100 watt UHF amplifier (not pictured)
  4. F

    Rookie Needs Help

    So, here is the situation. I am new to amateur and commercial radios and their respective programming applications. I just purchased an iCom F-6021 UHF radio, and the programming software as well as a USB cable that plugs into the microphone port on the radio to interface it with the PC. So...
  5. post19explorer

    Mobile Install Question

    I need help deciding what kind of battery to use for my Truck. I am going to be running: 4 Axixtech Hawk II LED Dash Lights (Amber/Amber) 2 Unity Vehicle Spotlights (Black) 1 Whelen competitor series strobe system (60 Watt) 2 Motorola Radios:1 UHF/1 VHF (Taking suggestions) 2 Scanners: 1...