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mobile radio

  1. K

    NEED HELP PLEASE GE Ericsson Orion 900 MHZ Two Way Radio w/ Remote Head & Mic

    Hello all, I have recently moved on to a GE Ericsson Orion 900 MHZ Two Way Radio w/ Remote Head & Mic. I am really excited about the unit as it will cover all my needs in my vehicle without having multiple radios and or big eye sores in my vehicle. but here is my issues. I need help installing...
  2. N3LUD

    FTM-400 install in my 2012 Dodge RAM

    Here is an install of the new Yaesu FTM-400D in my 2012 Dodge RAM pickup. I did not want to use any suction cup mounts so I built a custom mount using the provided bracket that came with the radio. The mount holds the radio as well as my GPS I use for navigation. Attached are two pictures, day...
  3. R

    GMRS for motorcycles

    I'm new here and new to two-way radios (except for my law enforcement career). I was wanting to set up a mobile two way to function on FRS and GMRS to use with other riders in our group using FRS and possibly GMRS. I would like more than the 2 or 5 watt that most handhelds use and an external...
  4. Snde911

    Controlling Radio With Computer Software

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone would have any knowledge of any computer software/hardware that can be interfaced with a Motorola CDM1250. I am NOT looking for programming software such as the CPS software, but rather software/hardware that would be capable of controlling the Motorola...