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  1. n9mxq

    Anytone mobile

    AT-D578UV Video Demo Download link* https://wetransfer.com/downloads/f34a5c54e6f14739de776afec786631120181207022650/73713c7b770276909ebf54c3ef09934320181207022650/daaaf9 3 short videos showing the mobile. Apparently available early 2019.. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. B

    Hytera MD-652 Question

    How do i get this mobile to turn off and on whenever i turn my vehicle off and on? I know this sounds lazy but i do get tired of turning this radio on and off everytime i get in and out of the vehicle. I know i would have to wire the radio into a 12 volt hot wire that would be controlled by...
  3. CQ

    BCD436HP: SMA Connect/Disconnect Longevity

    Has anyone used their handheld in a mobile setup where they're removing, disconnecting external antenna and then reconnecting on a daily basis? If so, how long have you been doing it and is there any sign of the SMA connector weakening? I don't have any room for my BCD536HP as I have other...
  4. E

    Ambulance Radio Options

    Hey all- An agency I work with is specing out a new ambulance and there were talks about buying new mobiles with it. We have an analog VHF simulcast system with two repeater sites. We use Kenwood TK-790's for primary communications, with the dual head kit. One head in the back, one in the cab...
  5. L

    Scanner disconnect on RF sense

    Hey guys, I'm working on getting a mobile setup installed and had a question regarding my scanner. I'll have three radios and my scanner.. 4 antennas total. Scanner has a dedicated antenna. My question is, is there anything on the market that can disconnect the antenna from my scanner if I...
  6. P

    Is the Cell Booster Working?

    Hello, I want to test a cell (mobile) booster to see if it is working properly. I have a new RF reader. I guess that I need to set the frequency (Hz) on the RF reader and measure the detected power ratio (dBm) at that frequency; the stronger the power ratio the stronger the reception for the...
  7. N

    TRX-2: Mobile installation

    I purchased a TRX-2 specifically for the remote control head feature to install it in my daily driver but in testing it became clear that you run the risk of corrupting the SD card if you just drop the power when you turn the car off. For those of you that have installed the TRX-2 in your...
  8. S

    Car to Car Car to Base Setup Q's

    *** Note: I realize this is an advanced community. I will be asking incredibly simple Q's. I will appreciate any/all replies, advice, instructions. I have not researched comm systems bc I do not know what Q's to ask and have limited radio-speak terminolgy. Simply put...
  9. A

    Mount antenna to roof rack or back hatch?

    I am looking to install a Yaesu FT7900 & Larsen NMO2/70B on my Subaru Outback but the antenna situation is a little tricky because I have a roof rack that I am not willing to part with. I am trying to determine the best location to mount an antenna. In the attached photo, I highlight two...
  10. BlueDevil

    2015 Dodge 1500 Laramie Ecodiesel Radio Install

    Here are some pictures of the radio install I completed yesterday on a 2015 Dodge 1500 Laramie Ecodiesel. I installed an Icom F5021 VHF Mobile Radio, 2-Piece Equipment Mounting Bracket, Larsen 1/4 Wave VHF NMO Antenna, Larsen NMO Mount with 25' Coax and PL259 Connector, and Chargeguard CG12D...
  11. G

    "Best" mobile scanner antenna

    I'm looking for recommendations for a mobile scanner antenna covering 150, 450 and 800 MHz (no low band/6M needed). I currently have an Austin, but am wondering what others are using. Like most people, don't want to put holes in the vehicle. Thanks, Gregg, N2UUP
  12. marksroberson

    Dmr XPR 4300 not receiving any audio on nationwide

    My friends XPR 4300 does not recieve any out of state talkgroups on DMR, he can talk to people outside of the state but not recieve the people. He is pretty close to the repeater and has a perfect signal on statewide. His talkgroup personalities matches up to everything and are the correct...
  13. BlueDevil

    Best Mobile Duplexer

    I am looking for a mobile duplexer to be used in a low powered (5w-25w) portable repeater with about 8MHz frequency separation. Does anyone have any suggestions on mobile duplexers to stay away from or have any recommendations on what mobile duplexers seem to be superior or preferred as to others?
  14. 5

    Mobile with RTL2832U embedded

    Hi all After mesmerizing with RTL2832U based SDR I'm wondering if any company had come with any mobile phone model having RTL2832U chip embedded. this will eliminate OTG cable requirement and will create paradise for scanner buffs. pl share if anyone come across such mobile/phone 73's 503733238
  15. S

    Proper continuity test on UHF connectors

    New HAM here. I have in my mobile setup, 3 lines of coax cables coming forward all terminated in PL-259 for use in a diplexer and a third for another radio. I use crimp PL-259 for all 3, but need to know what I should be looking for in continuity between the center pin and the shield. 2 out of...
  16. N

    2016 Ford Fusion Ham Radio

    I've been slowly documenting my install in my new car on my blog, so that the guys in my local radio club could follow along with my progress. Here's few of the pics. If you want to check out the details my blog is at November 3 Victor Echo Mike - November 3 Victor Echo Mike let me know what...
  17. K

    hickok mobile cb tester 386

    My father passed away and I recently acquired a Hickok Mobile CB Tester 386, purchased in 1981. I have no interest in this cb tester. There are several 386S models on ebay, asking price about $135. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between 386 and 396S. If anyone has advice on listing...
  18. K

    Icom IC-F420 Programming

    Hello ladies and gents. I have acquired an IAS desktop repeater based on two IC-F420 mobiles. Using a DOS installation from the hard drive of a PC using a true serial port, and known good Icom programming cable, I get errors regarding creating a local file when I try to read the codeplug. I have...
  19. E

    New owner, exhausted the search function

    Hi, I have been searching on the uniden forum and others to answer my questions, no luck. I'm looking for a good (discrete, within the vehicle) mobile antenna, wideband 30-1000Mhz. I have had a lot of static while testing the frequencies I put in indoors, even more on the road. Hoping that a...
  20. G

    BCD536HP: Mobile 536 w/remote control

    I have a 536 in my car but want to get as close to a remote head as I can with a winbook. I have tried the siren app but have problems with the AP mode not always activating when the radio is powered up. Sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn't. Also, my trips are usually not that long, so by the...