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  1. J

    Help for the signal identification and any info for modulation

    Hi to all, I am open :) to all kind of info related to two printscreens. Modulation, working type and any small info will be appreciated First picture can be M FSK but M ? any info about modulation... Second picture is a different signal, maybe phase modulated ? why so wide ? Thanks, WR
  2. I

    P1 vs P2 Indication?

    Is there any way to tell whether a received signal on the G5 is using P1 or P2 modulation? According to RadioReference, some of the talkgroups on DaneCom (Dane Co, WI) are using Phase II modulation, however, none of the talkgroups in the database are listed with a Mode "T" (TDMA) designation...
  3. P

    BCT15X doubt modulation mode

    When scanning in custom search you can change the default mode or modulation? specifically want to know if I can scan frecc 900,000 in wfm thanks greetings
  4. 6

    Galaxy DX 959 no modulation

    I have a DX 959, and to get more output, I adjusted the SSB power variable resistor (VR 17) all the way to the right. I was getting great output and I could make the mod meter swing all the way to 100%. Now, I can't get the meter to move off of the pin. Everything else seems to be working...
  5. M

    scanners with multiple modulation types?

    I was looking up some Uniden scanners and I noticed that for any given frequency range they only use one Modulation type. Anyone happen to know why? Or what scanners can switch Modulation types? Is this usually a problem with UHF/VHF? Thanks
  6. T

    MOD Factor of D-VOR

    I have DSB D-VOR. Anyone know the meaning of the formula of "AM Modulation factor" of D-VOR's "9960FM". When i know RF Power of Carrier[Pc] and each Subcarrier(Upper Sin[Pus], Upper Cos[Puc], Lower Sin[Pls], Lower Cos[Plc]). and each value is as follows... Pc=200 [W rms] Pus=5 [W rms] Puc=5...