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  1. V

    Need some help with morse code

    If someone could help me translate this, I'd be really grateful. I was able to make out that the first letter should be "M", but I'm really confused about the second one (1 long + 5 shorts?). This is the first time I tried doing morse code and I've pretty much given up. https://clyp.it/nxfcvnwm
  2. S

    Icom: IC7000 Sidetone cw practice

    hi all i have a ic7000 that iam trying to get to work with my straight key. new to ham radio just licensed,despite reading the manual i cannot get it into sidetone practise mode for CW.it just seems to not recognise the key...himound 706. anyone give me few tips/hints.i must be doing something...
  3. FreqHopper

    Sierra Vista, AZ- Morse on CCSO freq?

    The last couple of days (today around 0600) I have caught morse on 154.98000 which is listed as a Cochise County Sheriff's frequency. Anyone else catching it or know what it might be? I recently moved here from the Pacific NW and I was used to hearing it with the amount of marine traffic there...