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motorola type ii smartnet

  1. J

    SDS100 Audio Muting Mid Transmission

    I have a recently purchased SDS100 that I am having the previously reported transmission muting issue. I believe that the other post was for the SDS200, whereas this is the SDS100... I got my first SDS100, had the issue described below and returned it for a new scanner from Zip Scanners. Both...
  2. Buttabean

    Clarke County/Athens City Type II P25 Phase I

    How does the admins at RR find out the talk group ID names as ive found out that clarke county sheriff/Athens police are on a digital network now but im only able to use a wildcard to monitor with and its very hard to determine what traffic is by only monitoring. Also 1 side of the traffic is...
  3. S

    Radioshack Pro-164 Help

    I’m having a problem fine tuning my scanner for my uses. I live in Alameda County, CA. I’ve figured out how to programs the frequencies for the city of Hayward. Since it’s just simple frequencies’ and a CTCSS Tone Code. But for other cities the all share on Alameda County’s' Motorola Type II...
  4. D

    Tarrant County trunk system

    Scanning the Fort Worth / Tarrant County Public Safety Motorola Type II Smartnet with a Uniden BC346XT. Always get lots of traffic on the Fort Worth Medstar Talkgroup. I had heard that the Primary and Secondary MCI talkgroup was where a lot of interesting listening might be taking place, and so...