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motorola xts3000

  1. Danny37

    Picked up 2 xts3000 radios and now need some help for a volunteer EMS service

    Recently I picked up 2 Motorola xts3000 radios for our volunteer ambulance service. They both came with Ni-MH batteries with a capacity of 4000mah. So far I love the radios and programming them was an ease to do. One down side is that the batteries are heavy and I mean heavy haha. Sometimes I...
  2. F

    Motorola XTS3000 Battery after 10 years

    Hi all, first post! I recently inherited an old Motorola XTS3000 model III. It was sitting idle in our garage for maybe 10+ years until I recently found it. I ordered a charger for it yesterday, but understand that the battery may be dead or even dangerous. Is that true? If its dead, is it...
  3. C

    Motorola XTS 3000 Help

    Hi, I have a Motorola XTS 3000 astro portable radio. It is UHF. My question is that i have my radio programmed for Cambria County PA, which operates on a UHF Narrow Band System. I also have it programmed for a P25 Digital System. I have been having a lot of issues with receiving frequencies...
  4. fireboat61

    XTS3000 cps question verbal channel prompt ?

    I am currently using CPS version I worked for a fire department where when we turned on the portable a verbal pre recorded message stated what channel I was on. I am trying to figure out how to do this with my xts3000. I am not sure exactly what this feature is called but an...