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  1. ll35689k

    XTS 2500 Multiple Scan Lists

    I have a XTS2500 with multiple Scan Lists set in the CPS. How do I choose which scan list is active on the radio? I thought if I turned to a zone/channel that was in one of the secondary scan lists it would scan that list but that doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  2. jakeschnabel

    XTL/XTS5000 XTS 5000 VHF Possible To Program/Use Analog Frequencies?

    Greetings, I just got a Motorola XTS5000 VHF P25 Radio. I was wondering if it was possible to input and use standard VHF frequencies that are not trunking frequencies? I want it to function on my county’s non trunking fire dispatch. (Yes I HAVE AUTHORIZATION). A lot of the departments use HT750s...
  3. jakeschnabel

    Adding Channels Or Zones To HT750?

    Hello All, I al new to the forum here, and hopefully im posting in the right topic area. (I know it’s annoying if its not). I was wondering if anyone knew how easy it would be if possible to make a 4 Channel HT750 flashed/converted to a 16 Channel? Or is it possible to be able to add zones like...
  4. alabamanick

    NAS Assistance on AFRN

    Alrighty, allow me to explain this mess. I have an XTS5k model II capable of 9600 baud trunking. I program it step by step for NAS like I've done on plenty of other systems and to no avail it doesn't work. The display shows the talkgroup but no audio comes through, the speaker isn't an issue as...
  5. Danny37

    HiTECH aftermarket battery - Yeasu, Motorola, Vertex

    Does anyone have any remarks or experiences with these batteries from the HiTECH brand? I see that this brand uses Japanese cells and has a higher mah compared to its OEM counterparts. I'm just hoping they're not a Chinese knockoff battery that has all these claims but are usually false...
  6. kjl13

    Motorola Discord Server/Chat room(welcomes other brands)

    Hey Radio Reference, I recently created a discord server that focuses on commercial radio products(mainly Motorola). This is a server where you can discuss what you own, get help and if you looking to buy a commercial radio; you can ask questions. For those who do not know what discord is...
  7. T

    New APX6000Li giving me weird audio?

    Hi all, We just purchased 10 new APX6000Li radios for our department. I'm mainly coming from Kenwood (and a little XTS series experience) so bear with me. I've got them all programmed up and everything is working great. However, I notice from time to time (and noticing more and more as of the...
  8. CopperWhopper67

    HT1000 Need help finding a radio part.

    Two of my HT1000s are non functioning right now because I need to replace a small crucial part that I can't find online thus far (primarily because I'm not sure what it's called). It's the small bridge/interconnect, I guess you could call it, that connects the RF board to the logic board. *I...
  9. D

    CDM Pro Radio CPS - Enable monitor when mic off hook

    Sorry I tried looking around quite a bit but I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for. Being we use our radios on a shared frequency with our own PL, is there any way where we can program the CDM radios to enable Monitor mode when the mic is taken off the hook? Just by looking at the mic...
  10. beaker7

    Rx TMS and Pages while on scan.

    Hello all, I am looking to set up my XTS5000 VHF to be able to receive text messages (TMS) and pages (in ASTRO25) while on scan mode. Is this possible? I have played with just about all the settings but cant seem to make it happen. Thanks in advance!
  11. C

    XTS5000 Scan List Programming Issue

    Hey. I have several XTS5000 radios that I use periodically as FRS radios, as well as scanners for my local police agencies and fire departments. I just tried to modify the scan list on one of my radios and encountered an issue I haven't seen before or been able to find an answer on. When I am in...
  12. J

    XPR 7550e Programming Issue

    I have a new XPR 7550e that I previously programmed using a PMKN4012B REV B 09/12. This is the same cable I am using now. I also updated my XPR 7550 and XPR 6550 today with it this cable with no problems. When connecting to the radio I do not get the low high tone indicating it is...
  13. CopperWhopper67

    Motorola XTS5000 5000R Model I - Question

    I am in the market for my first professional Motorola radio and I am heavily considering an XTS5000 Model I with the MPN:H18KEC9PW5AN. Does this radio support MDC1200 Signalling? How arduous is it to program this radio? Any other information can be provided upon request. Thanks!
  14. P

    Trunking on Motorola APX7000XE StarCOM21 question.

    So I have a general question that may apply to any trunking system similar but I am specifically talking about STARCOM21 in this case. So if you will refer to https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=2324 this link to see how the system is set up. On with the point. I have already set up my...
  15. M

    SL3500e questions

    This radio looks interesting and has a couple of features I've not run into before. I've owned and used lots of 2-way radios (analog and digital) but I'm curious how some of this new stuff works. 1. Bluetooth. I can see how it would be easy to make a bluetooth headset work with a radio, but...
  16. T

    Mountain Communications

    Try to get more information. Looking for the individual that posted information (here) about the Mountain Communications - DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO) system in use in Vail and elsewhere in Colorado. It appears (trying to confirm) that parts of the DMR/TRBO system are encrypted and parts...
  17. P

    APX 7000XE Strange Scan Sound

    When I scan analog frequencies and someone is talking I hear a quick burst through their voice almost like doubling or garbling underwater. It's really fast and happens every second only when scan is on. It's almost like the scan is fluttering rapidly through channels.
  18. kjl13

    Motorola Quantar Question

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a Motorola Quantar Repeater and I found a possible candidate, but I need to make sure it is the correct band and power output I am looking for. Here are the pictures of it: Picture 1 - Back of repeater label Picture 2 - Front of the repeater Picture 3 -...
  19. SlipNutz15

    EDACS on Motorola radio

    I've seen a forum post somewhere that says you CAN monitor an EDACS system with a Motorola radio but something about wide-WACN setting hex edit? Can this actually be done for a non-affiliate scan an EDACS system with an APX?
  20. T

    XPR 5350 as an IP Bridge

    How to do this : A job for Two XPR 5350 s: I have 2 Siemens PLC, A and B , 15 km apart. Rural location, no cell service. I surveyed from A to B using CM 200 450-470 band. Coverage is good, 85 dB fade margin from A to B. PLC A and B need to exchange data via IP. Maximum data speed will never...