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mototrbo connect plus

  1. C

    General Questions about DMR Systems

    Just a couple questions on DMR in general. Did the "Color" code start out being designated in actual color names at some point or was it always just the numbers 0 - 15? I have started out putting all my known DMR freqs in conventional mode. Some are showing up with a TG designation. Does...
  2. RyanRox099

    Busch Gardens Mototrbo

    Any one else see that Busch Gardens Tampa are using Mototrbo for the park admin staff. The 900mhz system is being used for everything else. I think the system is on UHF. On 467.85, 462.1125, and/or 461.7125. What do you guys think?
  3. knowmototrbo

    MotoTRBO Connect Plus, multi-site trunking system

    New multi-site digital trunking supported by MotoTRBO : http://mediacenter.motorola.com/content/detail.aspx?ReleaseID=13370&NewsAreaID=2 Motorola Roadshow to Showcase Connect Plus | Know MotoTRBO Anyone think this will be a game changer for the trbo platform?