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mpt 1327

  1. R

    Where did 'Canquest Communication' go?

    Any idea to what happened to this system? It used to be there around 420 - 421 MHz but I can't find it in MPT-1327 Standard anymore. https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=3341
  2. S

    Madison Oneida Co Schools MPT-1327 system

    Greetings, Our local school, Oneida City, Madison Co, NY (where I use to drive bus) has gone to a MPT-1327 Standard system. I have a GRE PSR 500 and 600 scanners, and not sure how to get frequencies from RR to my scanners. I am using the WIN500 program. Just wondering if anyone has...
  3. G

    Trunkview's compatibility with Realtek onboard audio

    Hi I'm trying to get Trunk view to work correctly. I have set the control channel and connected my BCD396T to the line in on my PC and the serial port. I can change channels fine with Trunkview and it is also decoding the control channel fine. But I cannot mute my input like the website says...