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  1. kb6aok_1125

    The disappearance of MTSX RSS 6.08.

    I can't find this version for the life of me. Its one problem after another with Motorola radios (ham equipment in general). I guess that's what makes it fun. I've been trying to program my MT2000 for a little of four months now. I figured out my computer issue last night and I was finally able...
  2. laythrom

    Commander II with MT2000

    Just an FYI for anyone out there wanting to try and use the Commander II remote speaker mic with a MT2000 radio. The Commander II will work with the MT2000 radio with exception of the volume up and volume down buttons. The emergency button, S1, S2, PTT buttons as well as the channel selector...
  3. laythrom

    MT2000 Roger Tone?

    Is there a way to program a roger tone (or beep) on a MT2000 radio? I'm going through the MTSX Lab and I'm not really seeing an option.
  4. F

    Mt2000 solid tone on key up after programming

    I programmed my uhf mt2000 to the proper freqs and pl codes. When i try to transmit i get a solid tone. Im not sure why. This is used for work.
  5. M

    Ht1000/MT2000 cloning

    Would it be possible to clone a mt2000 to an ht1000? i have a cloning cable and was wondering
  6. NateDogg1110

    MT2000 Problem (will not Rx until Tx)

    What would cause this problem? I have a couple of Motorola MT2000 VHF radios with this problem. On any given channel, the radio will not receive until you transmit on that channel. Once you have keyed up, then transmissions begin coming through fine until you turn the radio off or change...
  7. J

    Problem w/ MT2000 Programming

    Hi All, Maybe someone can help with the issues I am having with MT2000 software and/or the radio. I am using Motorola Radio Software, Version R06.07.00 to program a MT2000 portable. With said, the Scan List and Zone/Channel Assignment will not let me view any channels after the listed 1-8...
  8. G

    XTS Speaker Mic

    Just a quick question, will the XTS Speaker mic NMN6247A or NMN6247 fit on the jedi series. Noticed tha it has the same style connector but it doesnt have the same style of locking mechanism for the radio- on the connector side of the XTS radios pretty much matches the side on the Jedi radios...
  9. wa1emt

    MTVA power cord and mike question

    I am looking for the MTVA power cord and product number on the mike that I need for my mtva. Couple of questions: 1. Can I use this without an amplifier box and run the rf output from the MTVA to the antenna.? 2. Any idea on the pinouts and/or the plug used for the power cord.? 3. Do I need a...
  10. E

    MT2000 RSS 06.07.00 Problem...HELP!

    I was programming my friends MT2000 last night/early this morning and got all 48 channels entered and clicked to program the data to the radio but I received an error message that stated the target radio is not capable of 2.5kHz spacing, please upgrade the firmware. The only problem is that none...