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  1. L

    BCD436HP Multi-Site following

    Hello, I am a little confused with Project25 Phase II multi-site scanning on my Uniden BCD436HP. I follow a fire department on the P25 Phase II system (TxWARN) so I mostly just monitor their dispatch channel and nothing else. I understand that their Motorola radios can be connected to...
  2. 5

    BC346XT: edacs multisite help

    Hello All, i live in city with multisite (3 to be precise) Edacs analog system most of time talk-groups are bind to specific site (i.e. east region dispatch to site 1, west region dispatch to site 3) however I've observed sometimes talk-group are shared across different sites (i.e. VIP...
  3. F

    Home Patrol Multi-Site Site Selection

    Hello All, Just got my HomePatrol, and I love it. I can't figure out how to manually select which site to listen to in a multi-site Motorola trunked system. I get that it chooses sites based on location, but what if I want to override that and manually choose which sites it scans and which it...
  4. E

    Lat/Lon of database entry

    I'm interested in looking at some MPT1327 signals and obviously there aren't many in the US. I'm in the Denver area and a search showed up a system belonging to Basin Electric Power Cooperative. It shows a lot of different towers spanning multiple states, there are supposedly a couple in...
  5. Gadgetman728

    Multi EDACS sites on PSR500

    I'm trying to load McPherson Co. Kansas EDACS system in Win500. This system has 3 sites, they have 5, 5, 4, frequencies in each site respectively. Since these need to be located in LCN, do I have to create 3 TSYS entries so the Freqs. are in the right placement? These 3 sites are listed as...
  6. del1964

    SAFE-T BCD396xt programming multi-sites

    I apologize if this has already been asked....but. On the new BCD396xt, what exactly does multi-site programming on a system mean exactly? Does it mean that for example I can program the Seymour site and Brownstown site and Columbus site into one system and then add the 20 groups that I choose...