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  1. M

    Hennepin Multicast problem

    i believe i have a multicast problem the audio cuts in and out with an 800mhz antenna attached right now while driving around. i have all of the system Freq for Hennepin West and am confused on which freq to keep and which to get rid of. as you can see each site as mutiple freq (see link) I...
  2. K

    Kenwood NXR-710 and KTI-3 multicasting

    Hi All I'm trying to figure out if there is a reference to get the 710 repeater to either join a multicast group or how the multicasting works. We have a Cisco IPICS system in place that works with muticasting to connect a central system to may channels, much like the KAS10 I believe. If there...
  3. K

    Phoenix Fire dispatches going out over Mesa Fire's channel 1?

    It's about 1am. I've heard three or four dispatches from Phoenix FD going out over Mesa FD's dispatch TG. Are they doing a patch test? Or is Mesa's alarm room down, so Phoenix is dispatching both systems, and everything is being heard on all four channels? (154.190, 154.340, TG 1795, TG 3064)...
  4. BlueDevil

    Failing Simulcast System

    We have a rapidly deteriorating simulcast system in Walla Walla County. This is our primary dispatch and communications system for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies. Just like everyone else in the world we are hurting for money. We are in desperate need to update some of the components of...