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  1. CopperWhopper67

    (TRX-1) SRRCS Trunktracking Issues

    I live near Sac and I frequently listen to SRRCS (both the P25 and the SmartZone.) during the times which I am down in Sac County. Unfortunately there is a problem I have noticed. To better illustrate it, I will use a typical listening scenario on the SmartZone system. I'm on the Sac Co Sheriff...
  2. CopperWhopper67

    SRRCS SmartZone vs SRRCS P25

    I live near Sacramento and am frequently listening to both the Sacramento Regional Radio Communications Type II SmartZone System, and the P25 System I hear plenty of traffic on the Sheriff Talkgroups (among others) on both systems. There are distinct differences between the two systems: P25...
  3. jamiewmorris

    Idea for future/upgrade to 396

    I would like to see a bank type system for talkgroup ids. For multi-site systems have it where you can set a certain group of talkgroups, name it and then have it be where it can selected by each site of the multi-site system. example: I monitor the Palmetto 800 system in South Carolina, I have...