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  1. J

    ICOM OPC-617 - Mute Car Stereo on TX/RX?

    Hi all, Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong area here, this is my first post. Feel free to move it if need be. I have an older IC400PRO here in Australia that is just used for a personal CB. My car stereo has a mute input signal on it (unsure whether this is +12V or GND at this stage), and I...
  2. L

    TK-790 2-tone programming

    I have programmed a TK-790 for 2-tone decode on a receive freq; however the speaker doesn't mute, it's always open. Is there a programming switch that I'm missing? It is a TK-790, 45W, (not California Fire Service model). Larry
  3. H

    Can you please help me find mute pin on uniden sc150y

    Hi all I am looking find the mute pin on my scanner so that I may clip it where it will scan with out stopping and be able to hear what ever is playing on that frequency. The model of the scanner is a uniden sc150y. I can send you some pics of the board itself if needed be. Thank you all for...
  4. D

    XTS5000 and XTS1500 intereference and squelch issues

    Ok guys. I am stumped. I have been through my codeplugs a few dozen times and I can't see anything wrong with them. Here is the problem, We use XTS5000s for Americans and XTS1500s for our TCNs. Both radio sets have issues regarding the unmuting of transmission. Randomly, but often the radios...
  5. M

    Android Streaming - Is there a way to auto-mute other apps?

    I use Scanner Radio on my Droid (great app!). One issue I'd like to solve involves muting audio from other apps when the Scanner squelch is broken. It'd be a nice feature to add to this app, but even BETTER would be to find an app that acts as a traffic cop, so you could prioritize what apps...