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  1. N9JIG

    N9JIG Shack Update for April 2019

    Part 1: On Tuesday I ordered a new Uplift L-Shaped standing desk to replace my older single top desk. My wife encouraged this since she wanted the old desk for her crafting room. The desk arrived Thursday night (of course just as we sat down to dinner!) We cleared out what we could then and...
  2. N9JIG

    N9JIG Mini Shack

    I prefer self-contained stations that allow quick moving around, hence my Radio Cabinet and vehicular installs of recent months. I have specific uses for the Radio Cabinet but still like to keep a few radios on the desk for quick access and testing. Recently they have just been arranged on the...
  3. N9JIG

    New 2019 Odyssey Install

    Continued from the Installation forum at https://forums.radioreference.com/threads/the-new-odyssey-odyssey-%E2%80%93-2019-style.384615/: This morning I finished the initial install for my new 2019 Honda Odyssey. In the past I preferred the Odyssey and Honda Pilot as they have deep wells in the...
  4. N9JIG

    The NEW Odyssey Odyssey – 2019 style

    For those of you who have followed my vehicle builds over the years you will know that I prefer Honda Pilots and Odysseys due to the covered well in the rear cargo area where I can board mount radios and run cables forward for remote heads. This has worked great as the scanners of choice for me...
  5. N9JIG

    BCD996P2: RH96 on a BCD996P2? Yep!

    Well, we thought it couldn't be done, and we were wrong. After a lot of discussion and work Ric Plummer, KV1W has made it happen. I had the pleasure of assisting him with testing and encouragement and it works great. I have this installed in my truck and used it all day today with no problems...
  6. N9JIG

    N9JIG Shack Video

    I have been asked several times to make a video of my shack, I have finally done so. Please see the video at https://youtu.be/gDuJdPCy9x8 We finally finished the remodeling and painting and got everything cleaned up nice and neat. Since then I modified the cabinet a little and added a radio...
  7. N9JIG

    N9JIG June 2018 Cabinet Completed

    OK, as promised, I finally completed my Server Cabinet shack. For the last week I have been recuperating from an illness and stuck at home. I would work 15 minutes on the rack, take a break, work another 10 or 20 minutes, etc. and eventually got it all done. Now to get technical, it is really...
  8. N9JIG

    N9JIG Shack Redone yet again (Spetember 2017), this time it will last longer?

    My wife and I love to rearrange stuff and my shack is no exception. This time however I think I hit on the way it shall remain for a long while, or at least until we change our minds again. I am going to go on a little tangent here first. I love Elfa! If you are unfamiliar with Elfa then get...
  9. N9JIG

    N9JIG Computerized Shack

    I finally finished the majority of the work on the Computerized Shack. I started this project a while back after seeing the shack of Mark, KC0LRU at https://forums.radioreference.com/pictures-your-shack-mobile-setup/350946-my-little-shack.html. His work inspired me to do a similar thing within...
  10. N9JIG

    My next shack: Computerized!

    After seeing a couple shack photos and descriptions on RadioReference.com I decided the next version would be automated. Using software such as ProScan, ARC-XT Pro and others I will take all the individual scanners in my office and connect them to a computer for control, logging and recording...
  11. N9JIG

    N9JIG 2016 Expedition

    Part 1: The Radio Shelf. Last week I had the antennas mounted and power run on my new 2016 Ford Expedition. (see http://forums.radioreference.com/radio-equipment-installation-forum/336729-2016-ford-expedition-limited.html). So now we move from the Install forum to the Pictures forum. The...
  12. N9JIG

    N9JIG shelves the shack

    OK, I had the racks for a couple years. They look great and gives me a place to put power supplies and distribution, multicouplers and other ugly stuff but they are kind of a PITA at times. I recently traded for a IC-746 and was looking for a way to streamline things a bit. I decided to go the...
  13. N9JIG

    Temporary Update to N9JIG Vehicle

    I am leaving in a couple weeks for a trip across the country and I wanted to try out the 536 while traveling. I usually use a couple 996XT's but figured I would try this on the road and see if I want to replace my trusty XT's with 536's. Since the 536 won't support remote heads and I don't...
  14. N9JIG

    N9JIG Shack Video

    Here is a video of my shack in it's latest iteration: https://youtu.be/bUK57xs9TE0 Enjoy!
  15. N9JIG

    N9JIG Mobile Updated for Spring

    Well, it is spring here, 80's every day and sunny! Sorry Chicagoland, I don't miss winter at all! Last year after I bought my new Pilot I installed some of the radios (http://forums.radioreference.com/pictures-your-shack-mobile-setup/312816-n9jig-mobile.html) but now I have completed the...
  16. N9JIG

    N9JIG Rack Shack Redux for 2016

    For prior versions please see: <style> <!-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:"MS 明朝"; panose-1:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0; mso-font-charset:128; mso-generic-font-family:roman; mso-font-format:other; mso-font-pitch:fixed; mso-font-signature:1...
  17. N9JIG

    N9JIG AZ Shack Completed

    I finally got my antenna coaxes run into the attic, the tile guys replaced the floor and the carpenters finished tearing out the wall, running the coaxes into the attic and repairing/painting the wall. (See...
  18. N9JIG

    N9JIG Mobile

    After we moved to Arizona I bought a new 2015 Honda Pilot. This replaces the Odyssey that I used to have. I installed 4 NMO mounts on the roof and eventually have to figure out an HF solution. So far I have the 2 scanners (BCD996XT and a BCT15) and the Alinco DR-638 installed. I have an Icom...
  19. N9JIG

    N9JIG New Home Shack

    We moved to Arizona a few weeks back and I finally have my shack working. There are still some important parts to be done, especially the antenna farm. I need some help to get my antennas installed in the attic so in the meantime I have a few mag-mount antennas on steel plates connected to the...
  20. N9JIG

    N9JIG Racks the Shack

    For years I have been thinking about racking my shack and I finally got around to doing it. First, the pics: Overview: Consoles: Right Rack ("Always On") BCT15 (3), BCT15X, BCD996XT, BCD536HP, PSR600 (2), HP-1x, Maxtrac Center Rack (More Scanners): Pro197, PSR410, BCT15 (5), BCT15X...