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narrow band

  1. 2

    TDOT NOT Narrow Band Compliant???

    156.24 is in my list as "TDOT Headquarters". You only have to listen for a few seconds to know they are NOT in compliance with the new narrow band requirements. Narrowbanding Anybody heard any news or know WHY they have not complied?
  2. N

    Linn County P25

    The Gazette reported a one year waver for rebanding with hopes to complete the new system in 6 months. Iowa police, fire agencies work to meet narrowband deadline | TheGazette
  3. K

    Local emergency services switching to narrow band?

    Just heard an informational page from the local emergency services dispatch that said: "all radios and pagers must be brought in tomorrow for the switch to narrow band". Can someone tell me what that means? Will I still be able to listen to my local agencies' radio traffic? Thanks!
  4. SCPD

    Okaloosa County FIRE/EMS Narrowband yet?

    As of today 8/28/2012 is okaloosa county fire/ems north and south up and running on narrowband or are is all radio traffic still working off wideband? also do you know if the old Niceville FD freqs Rx 151.04000 Tx 153.83000 with a pl of 156.7 as well as crestview FD, South walton, north walton...
  5. ke5fnb

    Radio Shack Pro 404 Railroad Listening

    Last December I bought a Radio Shack Pro 404, mostly for railroad scanning. Anyone else use it for this purpose? On the VHF High Band, it has frequency steps in 12.5 kHz, does that mean it will be compatible when the narrow band mandate goes into effect next year? It really helps me when...
  6. mycall911

    Whelen Storm Sirens

    Our community purchased and installed (8) Whelen storm sirens around 2003-2004. These sirens have a VHF transmitter/receiver that decode the DTMF activation tones and other commands and then can "talk back" to the system reporting the "status" of each individual siren. According to our vendor...
  7. S

    Pro 164 Newb here need some help.

    Hi I'm a long time scanner enthusiast, I started out with a crystal set and worked my way up. My most recent scanner before the 164 was a Pro 92( which if anyone is interested I'm selling for P&R it's on fleaby now but I won't post the link since I don't think that's appropriate, just PM me if...