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narrow banding

  1. M

    Looking for new motorola UHF mobile

    I have a cdm1250 uhf 450-512 and I'm using the 460 MHz range and its already narrow banded at 12.5 kHz but will need to drop it to 6.25 kHz in the near future and the cdm1250 isn't capable of this as far as I know of. Narrowbanding - The RadioReference Wiki My question is there a way the...
  2. K

    Local emergency services switching to narrow band?

    Just heard an informational page from the local emergency services dispatch that said: "all radios and pagers must be brought in tomorrow for the switch to narrow band". Can someone tell me what that means? Will I still be able to listen to my local agencies' radio traffic? Thanks!
  3. D

    Scratchy transmissions?

    I use my scanner for fire/ems use and ever since the Comm Center was narrow banded it has been picking up the transmissions real scratchy. Is this from the narrow banding? Can it be fixed...I tried moving it to different locations with no luck...I live approx 1/2 mile from the Comm Center.
  4. R

    Narrow Banding reception on older scanners?

    I'm new to this forum, so bear with me if I missed this topic in a search. I live and work in Santa Clara County, and with the narrow banding of VHF frequencies happening in Dec '10, how will this effect the reception on existing scanners? Our agency has older scanners (greater than 15 years...