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  1. D

    Apollo 13 Movie - Receiver

    I just watched Apollo 13 and noticed that in the scene where Jim Lovell's wife is in her bedroom she is listening to NASA communications on what appears to be a "NASA" receiver of some sort. I'm just wondering. Was this a legitimate device or a movie prop to bump up the drama? If it IS real...
  2. shortbus91

    Range of code

    hello all just had a idea. is there such a site you can enter your info such as zip code and it will pull up all the Frequceys that you could get in your city. OR is there a site that can punch in the code and see how far/reach that given one has. ? my 2nd ?s is what about airplanes what is...
  3. w2xq

    Neil Armstrong, RIP

    The first man to walk on the surface of the moon died midday today. Cause were complications from heart surgery. He was 82. The world was transfixed as the grainy black-and-white images showed "one small step..." I still remember those days -- coverage by Chronkite -- and still have the front...
  4. w2xq

    Mars Landing Heads Up

    If all goes well during a 7-min blackout period, NASA/JPL's "Curiosity" rover will slow from 13,000 mph to 0 mph and land on Mars in a few hours. It should happen around Monday 1:30 am Eastern. Lots of really interesting info on their web sites. NASA TV nasa.gov will begin live coverage 2 hours...