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national guard

  1. A


    National Guard and Air National Guard in Puerto Rico?
  2. BakeryBoy

    AL National Guard

    I'm looking for any Alabama (especially southeast) National Guard frequencies.
  3. K

    Oregon Air National Guard

    Been pretty busy monitoring Air Guard the last two days. 300.125 321.0 303.1 These have been the busy ones out here. BTW: I'm in Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia River...
  4. BCasto

    NC National Guard Incident 6/21/2010 - RDU

    Last night I started hearing that someone was at the gate taking pictures and then a few minutes later a trespasser was located. I wasn't able to listen any longer. I am curious if anyone else was able to listen much longer to see what happened?
  5. radioscan

    Unprecedented Kentucky National Guard Activation - Winter Storm

    All, I just received noticed that the Governor of Kentucky Steve Beshear just called out the entirety of the Kentucky National Guard and some Kentucky Air National Guard assets to deploy to western Kentucky to render assistance to those affected by the huge Winter Storm that struck Kentucky...