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  1. Airboss

    Far Western NCSHP 453 UHF Assignments

    While trolling the FCC database recently I found three interesting NCSHP licenses for our far western counties of Cherokee, Clay and Graham. Clay County NORTH CAROLINA STATE HIGHWAY PATROL WQWY934 453.71250 2016-01-04 A 1 0 FB2 PW HAYESVILLE NORTH CAROLINA STATE HIGHWAY...
  2. MedicDavid78

    Lincoln County/Lincolnton??

    Is anybody monitoring Lincoln County Sheriff/Lincolnton PD or Highway Patrol for Lincoln County? I just had 12 patrol cars (mixed of Lincoln Sheriff, Lincolnton PD, & Highway Patrol) whizz passed me doing like 80+ MPH with blue lights/siren... Sounds pretty serious, was wondering if anyone...
  3. Robbyboy

    NCSHP L&T Questions

    This was initially brought up in the VIPER thread but since this is not VIPER specific per se, I wanted to ask some questions about this. WA4MJF touched on this topic and I was wondering how their districts are aligned? I understand that its relatively in line with SHP Patrol Troops but how when...