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  1. P

    SDR# TETRA IPv4 network decoding and capturing

    Greetings! Today I am releasing an early version of TETRAMonitor SDR# plugin (property of TSSDR) with packet capturing support. I've been testing it last night and it successfuly decoded over 200KB of IPv4 packets with 96.6% success rate (good IPv4/UDP length, good IPv4/UDP checksum). I can...
  2. B

    Budget Linked Repeater Network

    What design can enable me to get 2 repeaters to talk to each other when the repeaters have identical Tx and Rx? Requirements: All radios on this system use the same Tx and Rx All repeaters on this system must communicate with these radios This would be a repeater...
  3. S

    Car to Car Car to Base Setup Q's

    *** Note: I realize this is an advanced community. I will be asking incredibly simple Q's. I will appreciate any/all replies, advice, instructions. I have not researched comm systems bc I do not know what Q's to ask and have limited radio-speak terminolgy. Simply put...
  4. D

    Which is the best incident paging service?

    I know all about the different services like USEMERAlerts, Alertpage inc, BNN, Incident paging network, etc. but I'm wondering which one is the best to go with. I like all them and cant decide, but i also realize that some of the services might have a little bit more to offer than the other...
  5. scott

    Rankin county sporadic reception in metro Jackson

    My Uniden BCD996XT was receiving Rankin 800MHz county fine until a few weeks ago (stopped working right sometime between August 1 and September 1). Am I the only one having this problem? FYI - I provide the Rankin county feed online and that BCT8 scanner receives fine BUT it is analog only as...